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NILESH MOHITE AND ASSOCIATES is a leading Labour Law Consultancy in pune. We have maintained this reputation through our dedication to Labour Compliance, implementation and enforcement. We are a group of legal experts who are dealing with labour laws for several years. For over years we have assisted private business, public agencies and individuals in labour related matters. We provide a vide range of services for the establishment such as taking license, registration, renewal, maintenance of statutory records and compliance to various corporate clients. We also prepare wage register, Muster Roll, for the purpose of labour inspection. We provide labour law consultations and end-to-end services to carryout and implement labour Law related works. We help to get rid of all your labour related worries.

The reputation of an establishment largely depends on its comprehensive knowledge and effective safe guarding of labour laws. To run a business successfully and to utilize its human resource in a productive way, establishments should make strategies to protect the rights of the labourers and ensure optimum working conditions. Lack of awareness of labour laws and failing to maintain them may generate risks of fall of production level and difficulties in maintaining and appointing new staffs.

The management has the ultimate responsibility for labour compliance. Regardless of which the mistake is intentional or unintentional the management is financially responsible. Lack of diligence in monitoring labour compliance could mean significant additional expense to the company. Our labour compliance service ensures that you are protected from these hidden costs by monitoring the labour compliance. For more than 20 years NILESH MOHITE AND ASSOCIATES has been guiding companies just like yours through the complexities of labour regulations. So you can concentrate on your business - while we help with your regulatory responsibilities. We can help you avoid labour problems and potential lawsuits. Consultants are not only a resource to be employed in a time of crisis. Many companies work with consultants on a regular basis because they have found that using consultants is a successful and cost-effective way to operate.

We have expertise with staff strength to assist our clients to solve any problem. We have all facilities like office premises, telephones, fax, computers, etc. necessary to cater our client at any point of time. We have maintained relationship with all the Government Departments like Labour office, ESI office, P.F. office, local office etc. Our experienced staff is highly involved in the compliance field and keep up-to-date on the rules and regulations of every relevant labour law enforcement entity. Our vision is to be a leader in progressive Labour Compliance enforcement to provide an independent, objective, and trustworthy service. Our experienced consultants will make periodical visits to your establishment for statutary compliance.


P.F. Work:
Registration / Maintenance

ESIC Work:
Registration / Maintenance

Registration / Maintenance

Labour Contract Act:
Registration / Renewal

Shop Act:
Registration / Renewal

Labour Law compliances:
Registration / Compliances


P.F./ ESIC / PT / Labour Office Inspection and any issue related to Labour Laws.

Various offices visit for submission and follow up.


We shall submit all your periodical returns.

Attend all the quarries related to labour laws.

Attend various Inspection / audit / assessments.

Provided Consultancy for your difficulties.

We give the assurance of all responsibilities in carrying out the implementation and compliance’s of the Various labour laws Compliance satisfactorily and smoothly.

Our Happy Clinets

Within a short span of time we have established credibility with more than 250 Clients in and around Pune city.


We insure that we will render our services to your company,
on your doorstep to the best of your satisfaction in all respect.

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