Factories Act, 1948 and rules.


It applied to any premises where 10 or more workers are working and a manufacturing process is carried out with aid of power (20 if manufacture is without aid of power).

‘Manufacturing process’ means process of altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing, packing, oiling, washing, cleaning, breaking up, demolishing or otherwise treating or adopting any article or substance. It also includes * pumping oil, water, sewage or any other substance * Generating, transforming or transmitting power * Composing, typing, printing * Constructing, repairing, breaking of ships or vessels * Preserving articles in cold storage

The object is to secure to workers health, safety, welfare, proper working hours and other benefits. Factories Act is enacted primarily with object to of protecting workers employed in factories against industrial and occupational hazards. - - The Act requires that workers should work in healthy and sanitary conditions and for that purpose it provides that precautions should be taken for safety of workers and prevention of accidents.

Occupier’ of a factory means the person who has ultimate control over the affairs of factory. It includes a partner in case of firm and director in case of a company. In case of Government company, 'occupier' need not be a director. In that case, person appointed to manage affairs of the factory shall be ‘occupier’

Registers to be maintained

Muster roll

Register of adult workers

Attendance Card

Leave Book

Register of compulsory holiday

Notice of Period of work

Leave with wage register

Register of while washing etc

Register of Accident

Particulars of rooms.

Services offered

Proving day to day consultancy services pertaining to Factories Act.

Obtaining registration certificate under factories Act.

Preparing and maintaining all above said registers.

Drafting and filing of appeal before the statutory authorities.

Assistance at the time of inspection by the inspectorates

Preparation and submission of annual returns with in 31st January before the inspector

Preparation and submission of half yearly return with in 15th July before the inspector.

Representing manufacturer and occupier before the inspector and appellant authority.


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