Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition ) Act, 1970 and rules.

The Act is applicable to every establishment in which 50 or more workmen are employed as contract labour or were so employed anytime during last 12 months.

A workman is deemed to be employed as ‘contract labour’ in or in relation to work of the establishment, if he is hired for such work by or through a contractor, with or without knowledge of principal employer.

Contractor is required to provide canteen facilities, first-aid, rest rooms, drinking water, latrines and washing facilities, as per rules made by State Government.

Registers to be maintained

Register of contractors.

Register of person employed.

Register of wages.

Master roll

Advance Register.

Deduction Register.

OT Register.

Fine Registers.

Services offered

Providing day to day consultancy service pertaining to contract labour

Preparation and submission of registration application

Preparation and service of notice of change in name, business, office, nature of business establishment and application for amendment i\of certificate of registration.

Preparations and maintenance of registers of contractors and contract labour register.

Preparation and maintenance of register of wages, master roll, advance register, deduction register, OT register and fine register.

Replying to the show cause notice issued by the concern authorities.

Submission of half yearly returns before the licensing officer within 30 days from the closure of half year.

Submission of annual returns before the registering officer before the 31st January following the end of the year to which it relates.

Representing the establishment before the inspectors and appellate authorities


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