Bombay Shops and Commercial Establishment Act 1960 and Rules.

This act extends to the whole of the state of Maharashtra. This act applied to all the shops and commercial establishments.

All the shops and commercial establishment should be completely registered under this act and rules. The registration application has to be made within 30 days from the date of commencement of the shops and commercial establishment.

No employer in an establishment is not required to work for more than 8 hours in a day and 48 hours in a week. The period of work in an establishment each day shall be so fixed that no period shall exceed four hours and that no such person shall work for more than 4 hours before he has had an interval of rest of at least one hour. Every employee in an establishment shall be entitled after 12 months continuous service in that establishment, to holiday with wages for a period of 12 days in subsequent period of 12 months.

Registers to be maintained

Register of Employment

A record of hours of work

Register of holydays and leaves

Muster cum Wage roll.

Register of wages.

Attendance register.

Advance Register.

Deduction Register.

OT Register.

Fine Registers

visit book

Services offered

Providing day to day consultancy service pertaining to Shops and Commercial Establishment Act.

Obtaining registration certificate and renewal of registration certificate.

Prepare and maintain all the above mentioned statutory registers.

Maintenance of register of wages in the prescribed form.

Replying to the show cause notice issued by the labour officers.

Representing the establishment before the labour officer and appellate authorities.


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